Everett's Hancock Fire Station Renovation is Complete and Open for Service

Everett’s Hancock Fire Station has served the Northwest section of Everett for over a century and to be able to continue servicing its residents, the station needed some significant upgrades. The substation’s renovation was the first for the City since the Ferry Street Station project in 1999. The project began a little more than a year ago with a total project costs of $3.5-million.


One of the smallest but most impactful changes was the introduction of new doors to tighten the separation between the dormitory and apparatus equipment, a significant boost to fire fighter health. The project also overcomes many deteriorating building conditions that threaten the life of the historical building.


This past Saturday the City hosted an Open House that was well attended. Fire Chief Tony Carli was quoted saying “This is a great example of the City’s capital improvement plan at work for us in the fire service” and mentioned that the firefighters were happy to get back into the station.


We are thrilled to be able to provide the fire fighters and the city’s residents with an updated fire station that also holds on to its historical value.