Wellesley Police Station

This 22,000 square foot project began as a major feasibility study for which we considered a number of expansion options including renovating and adding onto the existing police station, building a new station on another site, and building a new station on the present site. After considering a number of alternate sites, we recommended that the new headquarters be rebuilt on its existing site - a prominent location in the center of town. In addition to meeting the internal functional needs of the police department, this building plays a major urban design role by making an important transition between a built-up main street and the open, park-like setting of the nearby town hall. This was achieved by turning the building on its site so that the projecting semi-circular end, which houses the meeting and training room, lines up with a row of existing commercial buildings, while the main facade is angled toward the park.

Location: Wellesley, MA

Photos by Bruce T. Martin